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Flint Cemetery Gardens

Children's Garden

The Children's Garden stands as a haven, offering special care and compassion to grieving parents and families navigating sorrow. Crafted with utmost sensitivity, this sacred space creates a serene environment for those visiting the resting places of infants and children. Features including a captivating butterfly sculpture and sensory garden, add peace and tranquility to one's journey of remembrance.

Cremation & Scattering Garden

Discover tranquility in our Cremation & Scattering Garden, featuring niches for cremated remains, a dedicated area for the scattering of ashes, and a poignant memorial monument to honor those who have found their final repose in scattered embrace. This serene space provides solace and contemplation for those who opt for the path of cremation.

Meditation & Cremation Garden

The Meditation & Cremation Garden has been meticulously crafted as a space for contemplation, offering cremation benches and a range of interment options complemented by diverse choices in monumentation. This thoughtfully designed sanctuary invites moments of reflection amidst its serene surroundings.

Meditation Garden

Enter the spiritually uplifting Meditation Garden, a tranquil oasis for every season. Seating areas beckon for contemplation, leisurely lunches, and appreciation of the beautiful surroundings. Historical elements, including a fountain millstone and a hand-etched dogwood tree art piece, add a touch of charm, symbolizing the enduring cycles of life.

Veterans Garden

In honor of the valor and patriotism of our veterans, the Veterans Garden stands as a poignant tribute. This sacred space is adorned with stone benches, ornate walls, indigenous Ohio landscaping, and a distinctive bronze artwork titled "Flag of Honor," underscoring a profound dedication to our nation.

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