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Meditation Garden

Enter the spiritually uplifting Meditation Garden, a tranquil oasis for every season. Seating areas beckon for contemplation, leisurely lunches, and appreciation of the beautiful surroundings. Historical elements, including a fountain millstone and a hand-etched dogwood tree art piece, add a touch of charm, symbolizing the enduring cycles of life.

Guided by a vision that positions Flint Cemetery as a park where cherished ones find eternal rest, the Trustees and Cemetery Advisory Committee have transformed the grounds into a premier community cemetery. Amidst the master planning, the Meditation Garden emerged as a focal point, designed in collaboration with Steve Kolwicz of POD Design and dedicated on June 12, 2011.

This serene space invites contemplation and appreciation of the beautiful surroundings, featuring a fountain millstone with historical roots from Worthington’s Episcopal Church property.

As cremation and scattering practices gained popularity, the community sought a memorial space. The late local artist George Arensberg (1935-2012) was commissioned to create a unique memorial, resulting in a meticulously hand-etched dogwood tree that symbolizes the changing seasons of life. This exquisite piece is part of the Memorial Wall, providing a meaningful way to commemorate loved ones.

Conceived by the dedicated Staff, Trustees, and Advisory Committee, the Meditation Garden at Flint Cemetery stands as a tranquil haven, spiritually uplifting for all seasons, welcoming the community to find solace in its serene surroundings.

For more information on pricing for memorial wall inscription, click here.

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