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Cremation & Scattering Garden

Discover tranquility in our Cremation & Scattering Garden, featuring niches for cremated remains, a dedicated area for the scattering of ashes, and a poignant memorial monument to honor those who have found their final repose in scattered embrace. This serene space provides solace and contemplation for those who opt for the path of cremation.

Nestled within the serene embrace of the Cremation & Scattering Garden lies a sanctuary designed to honor the departed in a unique and meaningful way.

This sacred space boasts a dedicated 50-niche unit, providing a dignified final resting place for cremated remains. Additionally, an open expanse awaits those who choose the scattering option, offering a peaceful setting for this heartfelt act of remembrance.

As a testament to the lives that have passed on, a memorial monument stands tall, adorned with the names of those tenderly scattered. This poignant garden, a haven for contemplation and solace, invites visitors to reflect on the enduring memories of their loved ones.

Adding to the serenity of this space, our prairie garden is meticulously crafted with a tapestry of fresh plant materials. This thoughtful design not only pays homage to the cycles of nature but also ensures that the Cremation & Scattering Garden evolves into a vibrant and living tribute, embodying the everlasting connection between life and the sacred journey beyond.

We invite you to view the following video which gives you a picture of what it feels like to walk through this space on a peaceful summer day.

For more information on burial options and pricing in the Cremation & Scattering Garden, click here.

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