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Veterans Garden

In honor of the valor and patriotism of our veterans, the Veterans Garden stands as a poignant tribute. This sacred space is adorned with stone benches, ornate walls, indigenous Ohio landscaping, and a distinctive bronze artwork titled "Flag of Honor," underscoring a profound dedication to our nation.

In collaboration with POD Design of Columbus, the Flint Cemetery Trustees and Advisory Committee envisioned and brought to life the design of the Veterans Garden. This thoughtfully crafted space encompasses stone benches, decorative walls, and extensive landscaping with native Ohio plantings.

At its heart stands a unique bronze artwork, the "Flag of Honor," a one-of-a-kind creation brought to fruition by Matthews Bronze International. The choice of the flag symbolizes the unwavering patriotism and devotion exhibited by all veterans in service to our country.

The Veterans Garden stands as a dedicated tribute to veterans, expressing profound respect and gratitude for their courage, patriotism, and sacrifices. It is not a final resting place but a hallowed Honor Garden, designed to honor and commemorate the service of all veterans.

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