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Children's Garden

The Children's Garden stands as a haven, offering special care and compassion to grieving parents and families navigating sorrow. Crafted with utmost sensitivity, this sacred space creates a serene environment for those visiting the resting places of infants and children. Features including a captivating butterfly sculpture and sensory garden, add peace and tranquility to one's journey of remembrance.

Embracing a vision that transforms Flint Cemetery into a serene park where cherished ones find their eternal rest, our Trustees and Cemetery Advisory Committee have dedicated themselves to evolving Flint into a distinguished community cemetery.

At the heart of our mission lies the Children’s Garden, a poignant space carefully cultivated by our Trustees and a devoted Advisory Committee and professionals. Recognizing the delicate needs of families enduring profound grief, this garden is designed with a profound commitment—to create an area that honors the spirit of the child and supports grieving parents and families. The Children’s Garden stands as a tranquil and unforgettable sanctuary, offering comfort to those who visit the final resting place of their little ones. Every decision in crafting this burial space for infants and children has been imbued with thoughtful consideration and meticulous planning.

In 2011, the Trustees commissioned a unique art piece that now graces our grounds. Crafted by the talented local artist Joanne Kayati of Worthington, a breathtaking butterfly sculpture takes center stage in the sensory garden.

Woven around a meandering path, the sensory garden beckons visitors of all ages to witness, inhale, and touch the exquisite flora that adorns this sacred space.

Within the Children’s Garden, we provide spaces for both casketed and cremation burials, ensuring a meaningful resting place for your precious ones at an accessible cost.

For more information on burial options and pricing in the Children's Garden, click here.

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