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Standard Burial Options

Grave markers at Flint Cemetery.

There are many standard spaces to select from at Flint depending on what type of monumentation the family wishes to purchase.

The standard space prices are based on the choice of either an above ground monument or flush monument. The monument is not included in this price and at this time the Cemetery does not sell monuments.

Above Ground Monument


1 standard space


2 standard spaces


3 standard spaces

Flush Monument


1 Standard Space

Monument Foundations

Foundations are required for all monuments, except those in the Children’s Garden.  The Cemetery Staff typically pours foundations 2-3 times a year.  The spring cut-off date is April 15th and the fall cut-off date is September 15th.

$.90 per square inch

Price for monument foundations

For more information or to purchase, we invite you to contact us using the button below.

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